My Sister is Selling a Tee Shirt!

Although Hurricane Matthew was not as terrible as most of us had expected… the hurricane still left behind quite a lot of damage and destruction. As my family and I were looking at pictures from the destruction Hurricane Matthew left… I started feeling compassion for those who were affected by this disastrous hurricane.

Later that night, my little sister was on the computer and I peaked around the couch and asked what she was doing. Turns out, she was creating a tee shirt and then asked if I  could help. Of course I’ll help! So, we spent some time playing around with colors, fonts and designs. A few hours later, the He strengthens  tee shirt was born. We intentionally chose Phillipians 4:13 because even in the midst of a storm, Christ is our strength and Christ strengthens. We didn’t really need the money for ourselves, and after watching the news and looking at pictures from the recent Hurricane that hit so many different communities, my sister suggested that we donate the money to an area that was affected by the hurricane.

Sadly, we couldn’t donate to every area that was affected, so my little sister chose to donate the profit to Haiti.  Maybe in the future we can do another tee-shirt campaign that donates to another area also affected. Read below to get the details: 

  • How does the campaign work? 

Don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as it sounds. We have set up a goal to sell fifteen shirts by October 31st. However, if fifteen shirts are not purchased by that specific date, then the tee shirt company will not print out ANY tee shirts. That means, no money will be donated even if you had already bought a tee shirt! So, in order for you to recieve a shirt and the money to be donated, we must sell at least fifteen shirts.  Please note: this was not our idea. It’s just the way the tee shirt company works.

  • How will you receive the tee shirt?

Your tee shirt will ship directly from where tee spring prints the shirts.

  • What is the price for one tee shirt? 

$22.99 (not including shipping)

  • What are the sizes?

This is a womens tee shirt. However, the womens size fits perfectly on teenagers and “tweens.”

  • Can only U.S residents buy this tee shirt?

Yes, the shirt can only to bought from and shipped to U.S residents.

  • Why did we choose Haiti? 

As many know, Haiti had suffered tremendous loss from the Earth Quake that hit in ’08. And now this! I was reading a post about one specific orphanage in Haiti a young lady visited on a mission trip. My heart broke seeing the before and after pictures of the orphanage. It was a beautiful orphanage, nestled near the beach. Sadly, the hurricane destroyed the orphanage. I kept thinking about the orphans, who had to flee the orphanage and quickly get under shelter. Thank the Lord for protecting those orphans. But, can you imagine their sweet faces in shock when seeing their orphanage demolished. For some of them, that was the only home they knew. The Lord has put it on our hearts to raise this money for Haiti and we are just listening to what He is whispering in our hearts.

Nehimiah 1: 10: They are your servants and your people, whom you redeemed by your great strength and mighty hand. 

  •  My prayer for this campaign 

My prayer is that God will use this as an oppurtunity to bless and serve others. We are desciples of Christ. It is our job to reach out and serve people, even if where God has called us is miles away. I pray that this shirt would be an encouragment, a blessing, and a reminder of truth to all who read it. I pray with all my heart that the Lord would help everyone who was affected by the hurricane to rebuild and restore.  I pray He would strengthen you, and wherever you are struggling, whether it be in school, staying determined to do something, or maybe it’s reaching out and doing something you feel God is leading you to do. May you confidently know that you can do all things, even the most impossible things, with the Lord’s strength in you.

  • How can you help? 

I would highly appreciate if you could tell your friends, your mom, your grandma, your aunts and your dear sisters in Christ. Text the link to a few friends, and spread the word!

Thank you for reading! If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask. If you would like to purchase a tee shirt, click this link:


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