The Danger of Doing Hard Things Without Jesus

The race is set before you.

At the sound of go, you’re off, sprinting down the track. The wind combs through your hair, freedom coursing through your veins. The second mile is down, two more to go. You give it all you have, quickening your speed, steadily catching up with the runner in front. Just as you begin inwardly celebrating, you notice something — your shoe lace came untied.

You pause for a quick second, runners passing you by, your heart jumping in suspense as you tie up your laces on the track. Getting back up is always hardest, and your chance of winning is unlikely now.

But you do it anyway.

I’m sharing the rest of these words over on The Rebelution today. Click here to keep reading.


You can read more about The Rebelution  right here!


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