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Why I Journal:

Stones Of Remembrance

When I think back on this day a year ago, my mind has already forgotten the worries, praises, and the dreams of May 26th, 2017, but through journaling, what might have been forgotten can be forever recorded through pen and ink for us to look back and rejoice over God’s goodness, celebrate His faithfulness, and shed tears of thankfulness.

I remember the days of old; I meditate on all that you have done; I ponder the work of your hands. – Psalm 143:5

An Honest Heart

I have no need to hold anything back from Him because He already knows my heart. It’s not about perfect penmanship, or the most profound words. He understands each word I write, even if it looks messy at times.

A Record of Growth

Journaling is also a written record of things God is teaching me through His Word and in my daily life. When I look back at journals from the past, and see the prayers and notes and letters I have written, I can sometimes see why he answered with a no, with a yes, and with a softly spoken, wait.  Journaling chronicles my relationship with Jesus and the growth God is producing in me.

A Testimony of What God Has Done

I have been journaling since kindergarten, a little throughout middle school, and now, throughout high school.

Throughout each journal, even the ones with seven year old ponderings, ten year old drawings and the heart of a little sixth grader… I am countlessly reminded of God’s presence in every season. I may have not been as close to Him then as I am now, but He was there, walking beside me since the beginning.

“Journaling captures life struggles, unfilled longings of the heart, and simple blessings and builds an altar of praise for the Lord.” – Gretchen Saffles from Life Lived Beautifully

Gretchen Saffles, from Life lived Beautifully, wrote a beautiful description of journaling and I agree wholeheartedly. “As I glance through each journal, I remember that God bends down low to listen to us. He gently corrects us. He gathers us in His arms. He collects our tears in a bottle. He sings His song of love over us. He gives us good gifts. He faithfully guides us in the way we should go. He offers us a better way to live. He fills our longing hearts with Himself. He is the answer to our deepest needs.” – Gretchen Saffles

At the core of each journal, through every season, I see His loving hand throughout.

For thou, LORD, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands. -Psalm 92:4 {KJV}

If you haven’t tried journaling, give it a try today. There is no pressure being held over you to write a perfect paragraph. You don’t have to be an avid thinker or writer, just a follower and lover of Jesus who wants to know him better through His word, prayer, and remembrance.

“We ourselves have a rich past to look back upon; we have sunny memories, sacred memories, satisfactory memories, and these are as flowers for the bees of faith to visit, from whence they may make honey for present use. ”— Charles Spurgeon

2015 // 2016 These are older excerpts that I was thankfully able to save after loosing posts on my previous Weebly blog.



Some days, my vision is blurry.  I rush by, react too quickly, and forget to see the moment or situation through Your eyes. Today, I didn’t get the spot I wanted. Today, I didn’t finish school for the Summer. Today, I was the shortest youth volunteer at VBS. Today, wasn’t the greatest days. But, I choose to rejoice. I rejoice in Your goodness! I rejoice in Your faithfulness! You gave me today, I am breathing and living! I got to make a  hand-shake with the cutest first grader, go on a walk with my mom, and the yellow flowers in our front yard bloomed!

June 13th, 2016

What a friend I have in Jesus! He is my everlasting friend. In the midst praying for some Christian friends, I know that the best friend I could ever have is You, Jesus! You are my forever friend. My relationship and friendship with You is sealed for eternity.

July 15th, 2015.

When waiting for Your answer, I can be so impatient. Help me to be patient and faithful to You in the waiting. God, I trust you. I trust Your timing. Although it’s unknown, I know it’s perfect.

November 4th, 2015.