Who is Jesus? 

At youth group, we have been diving into the book of Mark! One of the questions that has stood out to me in what we have been studying is, “who is Jesus?”   We may all have a different view of who Jesus is to us, personally. So think about it, in your own perspective… … More Who is Jesus? 


School is done for the day and the whole family is piled in the living room watching the football game. The pumpkin scones just got out of the oven and my sister Macy and I just drizzled glaze on them about five minutes ago. Mmmm.. Today we walked into a new month, September! I can … More Enjoy 

Searching For Joy?

I love being joyful. I love dancing around in my room to our local Christian station. I love waking up and hearing the birds sing. I love opening my bedroom blinds and seeing the bright sunshine. However, there are the days when I wake up and the local Christian station is turned off, the birds … More Searching For Joy?